The Room Escapist is a review site meant to bring honest and objective reviews about escape rooms. While well established in places like Japan and China escape rooms are a newer concept to the United States. Because of this most reviews comment on how “new” and “different” they are as opposed to offering an objective view on how difficult, well-crafted and executed they are. There’s nothing wrong with reviews that urge people to try something new, but if you’re going to fork over anywhere from $25-$150 for an hours worth of entertainment it might be worth it to know a little more than “this was super fun!”

We endeavor to not “spoil” any of the puzzles and anything that might do so will be hidden behind spoiler blockers. If you navigate around these blockers and are upset about what you find, consider it a lesson well learned. If you run an escape room that we’ve reviewed and feel that we’re giving too much away about your experience please reach out to us and we’ll work with you to adjust the review to be less specific!


The Reviewer

The Room Escapist is run by Katherine Connell. In early 2014 she attended her first escape room after hearing about them from coworkers who had done several in Budapest while on travel. She instantly fell in love with the game and has a fierce passion for well crafted puzzles. When not locking herself in a room with friends and strangers she can be found doing martial arts, crafting, reading and table top gaming.