Escape This Live: Queen Anne’s Revenge



Difficulty: Easy
Date Played: 11/28/2015
Escaped: Yes
Cost: $29 Per Person (for 6)
Parking: Private Lot (Free)
Location: Tempe, AZ
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Fun and very clever puzzles.


Wish we would have gotten a little more room story to amp us up.

Bottom Line

A great pirate themed room that’s perfect for bringing people who are new to escape rooms too. This one will get them hooked for sure, get it hooked? Because it’s pirate themed…. haaaaaah.

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Before I start doing a witty and clever review I’d like to take a moment to thank the owners of this escape room. Through a complete glitch in their website I was able to book the room, however it wasn’t slated to open for a whole week from the day we had reservations. They decided that instead of cancelling our reservations they would get the room ready in time, a head of schedule! Which means we were the very first group ever to do a room at this place.
The plot of this room is that you are about to board Black Beard’s prized ship the Queen Anne’s Revenge. You must find and unlock the secrets of his treasure before the bloody pirate returns and a murderous fate befalls you.
The staff didn’t tell us the story in depth like I’d hope for, but I did read it on the website when I booked. I’m hoping once they get into the grove of things they amp up the theatrics a bit and get people pumped and ready to go.
When you first enter they did a good job of making the room feel pirate and ship like, which isn’t easy for an office of an industrial complex. They had a neat deck area, cabinet full of nautical things, and an extra nice touch was the “sails” that lined the ceiling to cover up the lighting.
The puzzles were all very logical, and fairly linear which always makes for a cohesive room. They had a few things I hadn’t seen before involving a really cool function with what I think were magnets triggering things in the room. I won’t say too much since it’d be a shame to ruin the puzzle, just be prepared from neat tech in a very old styled room.
Overall, the room wasn’t too hard. We ended missing a series of clue entirely but were still able to solve the last puzzle and had around 25 minutes left to spare.
To be fair, I was with my family is an escape room dream team. You’ve got my dad who was an engineer for over 30 years, my mom who does math and word puzzles for fun daily, my sister who’s an intelligence analyst, her husband who’s a nuclear physicist, my husband who’s a regular physicist and myself who has done over 20 escape rooms by now. Really, we had the unfair advantage.
They did say they might be adding a few more puzzles before they open to up the difficulty, so don’t be surprised if you don’t breeze through it based on this review. But honestly, I don’t think it being an easier room is a bad thing. Often it’s the rooms you escape, the ones that you come together and get through, that make you fall in love with these puzzle adventures. I appreciate companies that have rooms that run the gamut of difficulty.
Being the first to ever do this room has also probably made me biased but I’m giving it two thumbs up. This one is definitely worth checking out but please make sure it’s actually open before booking, unlike us. 😉
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Puzzle Types: WARNING POTENTIAL SPOILERS highlight the text in the black box below to view.
Lock and Key, Combination Locks (word and number), Hidden Objects, Map Puzzles, Dexterity Puzzles, Word Finds, Decoding, Magnet Puzzles, Red Herrings


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