Get the F Out: The Virus



Difficulty: Med
Date Played: 3/6/2016
Escaped: Yes
Cost: $36 Per Person
Parking: Free, Street
Location: Burbank, CA
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Everything you've ever hoped for in an escape room.


NONE, it was amazing.

Bottom Line

From the moment we arrived until we escaped we were swept away in the whirlwind of an experience that is The Virus.

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From the moment we arrived until we escaped victoriously with only 4 seconds to spare we were swept away in the whirlwind of an experience that is Get the F Out’s The Virus.
After walking down a super creepy ally way at 8 pm on a Sunday, we found ourselves in a red cushioned waiting area outside. We were almost immediately greeted by one of the creators Bob Glouberman. To say the introduction to the room was enthusiastic would be an understatement. What we received was an animated and energetic run down of the rules, some tips and lastly an immersive experience where a “guard” (it was totally just Bob pretending to be the guard) was prepping us for our mission to find a cure for the deadly virus that is threatening mankind.
A deadly virus has ravaged the planet. Join a team of top scientists and descend hundreds of feet to a military laboratory below. There you must discover an antidote and save the world. But be careful not to set off the computerized decontamination system or you may be smashed flat by the slowly moving laboratory walls.
The room officially starts with an Oculus Rift experience where you descend to the depths of the earth to a secret laboratory. This introduction was not taken out of your total time to complete the room and it set the mood for the puzzle solving that came next. Also it really felt like you were descending deep down underground. Don’t worry if you get motion sick, they have a separate experience you can watch without the goggles if you need too. But try to stick it out if you can, it’s really cool.
With the introduction done, thousands of feet below the earth’s crust, it was time to get going and find that antidote. We of course “contaminated” ourselves within the first 30 seconds, triggering the decontamination protocols. What are decontamination protocols you ask? Basically it’s where the walls close in and squish you into non-existence within 60 minutes. Do the walls really get closer as time runs out? Yes, yes they do. (If that freaks you out, check out the disclaimer on their website.)
The puzzles were smart, logical, fun and interactive. They were both linear and non-linear. There were a few things we hadn’t seen before both from a technology standpoint and from a materials standpoint. What I particularly liked was the premise of the puzzles being in the room in the first place. To ensure the virus isn’t turned into a weapon by terrorists the key to the antidote is hidden in series of puzzles that only you, the most brilliant minds in the world, can solve. Finally an explanation for why the heck everything has locks and ciphers and word puzzles and whatever else normally goes into an escape room.
We actually solved a majority of the puzzles within the first 20 minutes, and then proceeded to get completely and utterly stuck. This resulted in hilarious singing, shenanigans and finally a breakthrough. My biggest advice for this room? Don’t shove something in the corner saying you’ll get back to it later and then forget about it. If you do this not only will you hit a puzzle solving wall, you’ll make the poor “guard” who’s in the room with you have a nervous breakdown at the fact that you are all going to die and get crushed to death.
We LOVED this experience. Get the F Out is reinventing escape rooms; they’re making them more interactive, more immersive and they’re raising the bar. I never thought I’d find a room that topped my previous favorite but there’s a new champ in town and its name is The Virus. Go to this room immediately. But be careful, it might just spoil all other rooms for you.
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Lock and Key, Combination Locks, Ciphers, Liquid Puzzles, Sound Puzzles, Dexterity Puzzles, Hidden Objects, Pattern Recognition
Disclaimer: The Room Escapist was invited to play this game in exchange for an unbiased and fair review. The room really was awesome, all on its own, invitation or no invitation.