RoomEscape Los Angeles: Zombie Lab



Difficulty: Medium
Date Played: 11/8/2015
Escaped: Yes
Cost: $33 Per Person
Parking: Metered Street/Pay Lot
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Theme: ,
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Great setup with fun and clever puzzles. Also the staff is amazing.


Street/Pay parking only is kind of a bummer.

Bottom Line

Zombie Lab by RoomEscape Los Angeles is a must play if you’re in the Los Angeles Area.

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This is the second room I’ve done at RoomEscape Los Angeles (check out my other review for The Bunker) and I love this place a little more each time I go. This time we put on our lab coats (no literally, they had lab coats for us) and headed into the Zombie Lab to find a cure to save humanity:
“A lethal man-made virus is turning healthy people into bloodthirsty, emotionless, zombies. You are a team of scientists that were shipped to Russia to finish the cure. You have only 60 minutes to save yourselves and the whole world before the zombies break down the door of the lab and eat you.” :
I really enjoy the ambiance and setup of the rooms at RoomEscape Los Angeles. They went all out for the Zombie Lab with laboratory looking furniture and props. I mean, if you’re an actual scientist and work in an actual lab you might not be 100% sold. But it definitely could have worked in a movie setup. Between the background story the staff told us and the look and feel of the room I was definitely ready to cure some zombies. There were even creepy zombies noises as the timer started getting closer to zero.
This room had some of the coolest equipment and puzzles to play with I’ve seen. There were even a few puzzle types that were completely new to me, which is always a nice surprise for a veteran room escaper. There were some really tricky ones in this room but I’d still put it in the medium difficulty over all. We had two people new to escape rooms and were still able to get out. It’s a great room for experienced players but also good for those who’ve never done one before.
This room is a smaller one, capped at 6 people. The puzzles reflect the size of the group giving a few opportunities to work separately like when looking for stuff but overall you’ll want to stick together. Keep those eyes peeled too. My group burned some time missing something that was directly in front of us. If you get stuck, stop for a moment as a group and go over what you’ve solved already, that really helped us get back on track.
At some escape room locations when you ask for a hint the staff will just hand you an answer, but this place actually does it right. Instead they point you in the correct direction and let you figure it out on your own still. The staff also has a really cool mission control style setup at their desks so they can watch you on a camera the whole time. This means when you’re stuck they know exactly what you’ve done and haven’t done. I’ve asked for a clue in the past at other places and have wasted precious seconds trying to explain what we were stuck on. The staff members being alert an attentive is a giant plus in RoomEscape Los Angeles’s favor.
Speaking of the staff, they are friendly and professional and seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs. From the moment you come in to when you leave they’re excited to have you there and love to talk shop afterwards about how the room was made. I also love this location, they have nice big bathrooms, two lobbies you can hangout and wait in and everything is very clean. The street parking situation outside is a bit of a bummer but honestly it hasn’t been that big of a deal the two times I’ve been there.
Overall the Zombie Lab was a great room to play, I almost wish we hadn’t escaped just to see what would have happened when the timer hit zero. Would the staff have banged on the door making zombie noises? I’d like to think so. The Zombie Lab at RoomEscape Los Angeles is a must play if you’re in the LA area.
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